Multiple Offices

We have worked with many clients that have opened multiple dental offices. Some have added a few new locations within a particular city and others have opened dozens of offices across the state. Developing an effective growth strategy (ownership structure, level of owner’s involvement in additional practices, associate/partner recruitment and retention, etc.) is critical to this process. Other important factors include an understanding of the financial resources required, very specific demographic and competition analysis, and comprehensive market research to identify real estate options that best support your expansion model.

Dental Space Advisors manages the entire real estate process and can help you successfully achieve your expansion objectives. There is no cost for our services to you and we entirely represent your interests throughout the process.

Demographic and Competition Analysis

We utilize numerous data sources to produce unmatched demographic and completion analysis data at no cost to you.


No Cost to You

We entirely represent your interests throughout the process and our compensation is solely paid by the building owner.


Dental Space Advisors Value Proposition for Dental Clients:


Our dental-focused specialization enables us to produce and implement creative solutions for our dental clients. We understand the impact that demographics, competition, traffic counts, visibility and signage have on your practice location decision. We know the importance of identifying building alternatives that can accommodate your unique infrastructure, parking, visibility and accessibility requirements.


We maintain an extensive database of properties that is constantly updated to ensure that we have the latest market information. We also extensively drive the relevant markets for each project to confirm we have the most accurate information.


Comprehensive market knowledge enables us to identify a greater number of viable options. More options produce a more competitive landlord environment which, combined with our strategic negotiation techniques, ultimately yields lower real estate costs for our clients.